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Partnership for Prevention was founded in 1991 by leaders dedicated to making disease prevention and health promotion a national priority and America a healthier nation. Partnership seeks to increase understanding and use of clinical preventive services and population-based prevention to improve health.

Partnership’s unique blend of members and leaders helps unite diverse interests in support of strong prevention policies. Partnership’s members include corporations, trade associations, non-governmental organizations, patient groups, associations of health professionals, healthcare delivery organizations, and government agencies.
A country where all people are given the opportunity to live long and healthy lives and achieve their maximum potential.


We seek to create a “prevention culture” in America, where the prevention of disease and the promotion of health, based on the best scientific evidence, is the first priority for policy makers, decision-makers and practitioners who can make a difference in this area.


Partnership seeks to create an America:
  • Where everyone who can benefit from clinical preventive services does so;
  • Where population-based prevention is integrated into policies and programs at every level and makes the greatest possible contribution to the public’s health;
  • In which the business community is fully engaged in supporting disease prevention and health promotion for its employees and communities.
We accomplish this by:
  • Analyzing leading edge scientific research to identify effective polices and practices that should be adopted to accelerate progress towards better health for all Americans;
  • Convening diverse healthcare stakeholders and facilitating dialogue among them to assess critical issues, find mutually agreeable solutions, and set priorities for public and private sector action;
  • Educating decision-makers in every sector about innovative prevention policies and practices, providing analytical tools to aide implementation, and advocating for the adoption of these approaches.  


Partnership is the leading national non-profit health organization that is:
  • Dedicated to prevention across all risk factors and diseases, in both clinical and population settings;  
  • Dedicated to evidence-based prevention grounded in “value” (as described below);  
  • Comprised of leaders from the business community, the health sector, health voluntaries, and government; 
  • Committed to advocating for prevention to a wide array of audiences, including policy makers, business leaders, healthcare organizations, and healthcare professionals.  


Partnership defines the “value” of prevention in four ways. Prevention:
  • Lowers the burden of disease;
  • Is cost-effective, i.e., it provides substantial improvement in health for the dollars invested;
  • Increases the efficiency of healthcare spending;
  • Contributes to creating a more productive and prosperous America.