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The Community Health Promotion Handbook
Action Guides to Improve Community Health

Partnership for Prevention and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have worked together to bridge the gap between research and practice by developing The Community Health Promotion Handbook: Action Guides to Improve Community Health.

The Community Health Promotion Handbook is an evidence-based tool that consists of an Introduction and five Action Guides. Each Action Guides translates a specific recommendation from The Guide to Community Preventive Services (Community Guide) into “how to” guidance to help public health practitioners and others interested in promoting health implement effective community-level health promotion strategies. The five Action Guides address diabetes management, physical activity, and tobacco-use treatment.

To order or download an individual Action Guide, click on its title below.

Diabetes Management

Physical Activity

Tobacco-Use Treatment

Each Action Guide contains an overview of the recommendation and supporting evidence, links to tools and resources for planning and implementation, tips for implementation and overcoming potential obstacles, suggested resource needs, and questions and potential data sources for evaluation planning.