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Hypertension Screening
US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) Recommendation

The USPSTF recommends measuring blood pressure routinely in all adults over age 18 and treating with anti-hypertensive medication to prevent the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

USPSTF Rating: "A" Recommendation


  • Thirty percent of Americans age 20+ have hypertension, and nearly 50% develop hypertension before age 65.1
  • Hypertension and its complications result in over $100 billion annually in medical costs.2
  • Yet only 1 in 3 hypertension cases is controlled.3
  • The maximum benefit of screening is gained only through long-term use of therapies. Generics for major drugs are available.
This service's Technical Report (pdf) includes details on the literature used and approach taken to estimate this service's health impact and cost effectiveness.
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