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Screening for Alcohol Misuse and Brief Counseling
US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation

The USPSTF recommends screening and behavioral counseling interventions to reduce alcohol misuse by adults in primary care settings.
USPSTF Rating: "B" Recommendation


  • 15% of adults report alcohol use that is consistent with binge drinking1
  • Binge drinking is more common at younger ages, but is still reported in 12% of those ages 45-541
  • Many people are unaware that their alcohol use is excessive and will change their behavior when their doctor points it out

This service's Technical Report (pdf) includes details on the literature used and approach taken to estimate this service's health impact and cost effectiveness.

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. 2004. [Web Page]; http://www.cdc.gov/brfss/. [Accessed 24 Mar 2006].