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Leading by Example
Leading by Example is a peer-to-peer communication campaign that educates CEOs about the benefits of worksite health promotion and encourages employers to adopt effective practices to improve employee health. Leading by Example is designed to leverage the workplace to improve health by promoting greater business involvement in health promotion and disease prevention. The goal of Leading by Example is for CEOs to influence the American healthcare system to emphasize prevention rather than treatment.
Partnership for Prevention launched Leading by Example in 2004. The first Leading by Example publication was released in 2005 and featured 16 CEOs of large companies and four governors.Since 2005, Partnership has developed several additional Leading by Example publications.

Leading by Example
Creating a Corporate Health Strategy: The American Health Strategy Project Early Adopter Experience (2014)

Illustrates how four business coalitions (Dallas, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Virginia) evolved the tools and methods that were created by the Kansas City Collaborative. This guide describes the experiences of the business coalitions in helping to empower participating employers to enhance their strategic approaches to health.

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Leading by Example
Creating a Corporate Health Strategy - the Kansas City Collaborative Experience
Describes the Kansas City Collaborative, a worksite health promotion initiative formed by 16 diverse employers in the Kansas City Metro area. The report includes real world examples of the processes and practices used by the featured organizations to improve employee health.
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Leading by Example
The Value of Worksite Health Promotion to Small- and Medium-Sized Employers
Outlines actions small- and medium-sized employers can take to create healthier employees, and highlights new tax credits and other programs that are available to smaller businesses under the Affordable Care Act.
Download the report (4.26 MB)
  Leading by Example
Creating Healthy Communities through Corporate Engagement
Highlights initiatives to improve community health that are sponsored by local and national companies. Businesses can play an important role in creating healthy communities, which in turn helps create a healthier workforce. Healthy communities are vibrant and dynamic places where people want to live and work.
 Download the report (2.89 MB)
Leading by Example
Leading Practices for Employee Health Management
Developed with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this is an update to the original 2005 report. It features case studies of 18 companies of all sizes that have implemented strategies to improve employee health.
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Click here to download Leading by Example: Improving the Bottom Line through a High Performance, Less Costly Workforce (2005)
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