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National Commission on Prevention Priorities
Identifying the Most Beneficial and Cost Effective Preventive Services

Partnership for Prevention convenes the National Commission on Prevention Priorities. The Commission uses innovative, evidence-based methods to assess the value of preventive services that protect and improve health. The Commission helps decision-makers choose preventive services that maximize the impact of their investments.
The Commission identifies clinical preventive services that make the biggest impact on health and are most cost effective. Clinical preventive services include immunizations, screenings, preventive medications, and counseling services provided by doctors, nurses, and other clinicians, usually in medical settings. The Commission has ranked evidence-based clinical preventive services recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
In September 2008, the Commission launched a new study to identify those community preventive services that provide the greatest reach and impact and are most cost effective. Community preventive services are aimed at groups of people, such as laws, regulations, environmental changes, education campaigns, school programs, workplace policies, among other interventions. The Commission will be assessing evidence-based services recommended by the U.S. Task Force on Community Preventive Services, an independent blue ribbon panel of experts appointed by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
HealthPartners Research Foundation (HPRF) guides the Commission’s analytical work.

National Commission on Prevention Priorities

Eduardo Sanchez, MD, MPH
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas


Kim Barnhill, MS
Jefferson & Madison County, Florida, Health Departments

Ross C. Brownson, PhD
Washington University

Michael C. Caldwell, MD, MPH
Commissioner of Health
Dutchess County, New York, Department of Health

Carolyn Clancy, MD
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Susan R. Cooper, MSN, RN
Tennessee Department of Health

Kevin Fenton, MD, PhD
Director, National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
David W. Fleming, MD
Director of Public Health
Seattle and King County Washington

Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MBA
Director and Health Officer
County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health
David R. Gifford, MD, MPH
Rhode Island Department of Health

Anne C. Haddix, PhD
Chief Policy Officer
Office of Strategy and Innovation Development
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

George Isham, MD
Medical Director and Chief Health Officer

Lovell Jones, PhD
Director of the Center for Research on Minority Health
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Warren A. Jones, MD

Executive Director
Mississippi Institute for Improvement of Geographic Minority Health
Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Senior Health Policy Advisor
University of Mississippi Medical Center

Linda Kinsinger, MD, MPH
Chief Consultant for Preventive Medicine
Director, VA National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Lawrence S. Lewin, MBA
Executive Consultant

James Marks, MD, MPH
Senior Vice President & Director, Health Group
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Samuel Nussbaum, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Wellpoint, Inc.

C. Tracy Orleans, PhD
Distinguished Fellow and Senior Scientist
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Marcel Salive, MD, MPH
Director, Division of Medical and Surgical Services
Coverage Analysis Group
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Anne Schuchat, MD
Director, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Steve Solomon, MD
Director, Coordinating Center for Health Information and Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Arthur Southam , MD
Executive Vice President, Health Plan Operations
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

Kurt C. Stange, MD, PhD
Editor, Annals of Family Medicine
Professor of Family Medicine, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Oncology and Sociology
Case Western Reserve University

Steven M. Teutsch, MD, MPH
Chief Science Officer
County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health

Kathleen Toomey, MD
Director, Coordinating Center for Health Promotion
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Cristie Travis, MS
Chief Executive Officer
Memphis Business Group on Health

Stephen Williams, MEd, MPA
Houston Department of Health and Human Services

Steven H. Woolf, MD, MPH
Professor, Departments of Family Practice, Preventive Medicine and Community Health
Virginia Commonwealth University