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The Economic Argument for Disease Prevention: Distinguishing Between Value and Savings, February 2009
This policy paper, written by Dr. Steven Woolf and other NCPP members, makes the case that health care spending can best be controlled by shifting investments from expensive low-value services to more cost-effective interventions.
Preventive Care: A National Profile on Use, Disparities, and Health Benefits, August 2007
This report documents the use of clinical preventive services in the United States and highlights racial and ethnic disparities in use. It also estimates that 100,000 lives would be saved annually if use of five services increased substantially.

Data Needed to Assess Use of High-Value Preventive Care: A Brief Report from the National Commission on Prevention Priorities, August 2007
This report describes the data that are needed to assess whether the U.S. population is using high-value clinical preventive services.

Full text of the aforementioned article.

Erratum to the aforementioned article.



The following were published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in July 2006

The Top Priority: Building a Better System for Tobacco Cessation Counseling
Tracy Orleans, Steven Woolf, Stephen Rothemich, James S. Marks, and George Isham    
Technical Reports

HealthPartners Research Foundation, which conducts the NCPP’s analytical work, created technical reports that document the methods used to estimate clinically preventable burden and cost effectiveness for some high-value services in the rankings.
Methods Technical Report
A detailed report that includes discussion of all study methods.

The following technical reports include details on the literature used and approach taken to estimate each service's health impact and cost effectiveness.

How Can the NCPP's Rankings of Clinical Preventive Services Help You?