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Places for Physical Activity
Facilitating Development of a Community Trail and Promoting Its Use to Increase Physical Activity Among Youth and Adults

This Action Guide provides information on the resources and key steps that will help facilitate the development of a community trail and promote its use among youth and adults. Modifying the environments where people live and work is effective in helping people incorporate healthier behaviors into their daily lives. This can be done by creating new places for physical activity or enhancing access to existing places. Informational outreach activities promote the use of places by raising awareness of their existence or providing guidance on how to use them. Although there are many options for modifying the environment to allow for increased physical activity, community trails have a unique advantage in that they can accommodate different types of physical activity by people of all ages. Public health coalitions; businesses; departments of parks, recreation, transportation, and planning; community agencies and organizations; and legislators can facilitate implementation of such environmental changes to increase opportunities for physical activity.


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