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ActionToQuit is a tobacco control initiative sponsored by Parnership for Prevention. It urges all sectors - health care systems, employers, insurers, government agencies, quitlines, and policymakers - to work together to develop and promote sound tobacco control policies.


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A Policy Paper: Saving Money
(roi policy paper.pdf)
The Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation Medicaid Benefit

This policy paper was developed to outline the policy implications of extending lifesaving and cost-saving tobacco cessation treatment coverage for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Save Lives and Money
(save lives and money-help state employees quit tobacco.pdf)
Help State Employees Quit Tobacco

A guide from Partnership for Prevention and the American Lung Association urging states to cover all treatments state employees need to quit tobacco.

A Policy Brief: Saving Money
(policy brief.pdf)
The Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation Medicaid Benefit

This policy brief outline the policy implications of extending lifesaving and cost-saving tobacco cessation treatment coverage for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Helping Patients Quit
(hpq, full, final, 10-31-11.pdf)
Implementing the Joint Commission Tobacco Measure Set in Your Hospital

This guide provides valuable information for health care professionals, including an overview of The Joint Commission Measure Set specifications, steps to implement a comprehensive hospital tobacco cessation program, and case studies of successful hospital programs.

Smoke Free Policies
Establishing a Smoke-Free Ordinance to Reduce Exposure to Secondhand Smoking in Indoor Worksites and Public Places

An evidence-based tool, based on a recommendation from The Guide to Community Preventive Services (Community Guide), that walks public health practitioners through the steps to build support for and establish a community smoke-free ordinance.

Healthcare Provider Reminder Systems
Working with Healthcare Delivery Systems to Improve the Delivery of Tobacco Use Treatment to Patients

This Action Guide provides information on the resources and key steps to work with healthcare delivery systems to improve the delivery of tobacco-use treatment to patients. Tobacco-use screening and brief intervention is ranked among the most effective clinical preventive services. Strategies that create systems in healthcare settings are successful in helping improve the delivery of this service. One such strategy involves creating a system that prompts healthcare providers to identify tobacco-using patients and to advise those patients against tobacco use at every visit. Healthcare providers are educated on how to treat patients who use tobacco and patients receive materials to educate and motivate them to quit and remain abstinent. This strategy can be used in various healthcare delivery systems, such as private practices, managed care organizations, hospitals, or public health clinics, and can involve a variety of healthcare provider specialties.

Employer Tobacco Control Strategies Video Series
Partnership organized two panels on the topic of the importance of comprehensive tobacco cessation services to employers at the 3rd Employer Health & Human Capital Congress in Washington, D.C. Each panel featured case studies from leading organizations, including the University of Michigan Health Management System; Quest Diagnostics; Quitlines; and Union Pacific Railroad. Partnership board member Dr. Eduardo Sanchez shared information on the clinical aspect of tobacco control and the importance of employer and community collaboration in maximizing the preventive impact of the services.