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ActionToQuit is a tobacco control initiative sponsored by Parnership for Prevention. It urges all sectors - health care systems, employers, insurers, government agencies, quitlines, and policymakers - to work together to develop and promote sound tobacco control policies.


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State Tobacco Cessation Alliance Summits
(ActionToQuit_Summit Survey_Report-FINAL_AUGUST 2011.pdf)
ActionToQuit Summit Survey Report

Partnership for Prevention published a report to unveil the data received from the ActionToQuit State Grant Program’s baseline alliance survey.  Entitled “State Tobacco Cessation Alliance Summits: ActionToQuit Summit Survey Report,” this resource reviews the online survey that was fielded to each registrant of the state tobacco cessation alliance summits. Eleven state alliances held summit meetings from September 2010 to March 2011. The ActionToQuit State Summit Survey assessed participants’ social norms about tobacco cessation services, the importance of the issue, priorities for action, barriers to improvement, intent to serve as advocates for cessation services, self-efficacy as advocates, and perceptions of their state alliance to serve as advocates for enhanced services. This report summarizes the data from all summit respondents.

Increasing Access to Tobacco Cessation in States
(A2QCase StudiesGuide_FINAL_6-2-11.pdf)
ActionToQuit Case Studies

Partnership for Prevention published a case study guide to highlight the work of the 2010 ActionToQuit State Grant Program.  Entitled “Increasing Access to Tobacco Cessation in States: ActionToQuit Case Studies,” the guide describes how the six ActionToQuit grantees formed their tobacco cessation alliances to engage in capacity-building for enhanced tobacco cessation services.  The case studies provide an overview and environmental scan of each state and the achievements the alliances made over the year. Additionally, the grantees report on the challenges and lessons learned in convening a summit with stakeholders across the state to develop a strategic plan.

Colorado Tobacco Cessation and Sustainability Partnership
(Colorado Tobacco Cessation and Sustainability Partnership Case Study 5-6-11.pdf)
A Case Study

Partnership for Prevention published a state case study telling the story of Colorado’s journey toward comprehensive tobacco cessation coverage. Entitled “A Collaborative Approach to Meeting the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations on Tobacco Cessation Screening and Intervention,” it describes how the Colorado Tobacco Cessation and Sustainability Partnership worked closely with public and private health plans to provide coverage for tobacco treatment. As a result, the majority of Colorado smokers have access to free or low-cost evidence-based cessation services and support for the state’s QuitLine has been enhanced. Advances were made in spite of decreased state tobacco control program funding.

Smoke Free Policies
Establishing a Smoke-Free Ordinance to Reduce Exposure to Secondhand Smoking in Indoor Worksites and Public Places

An evidence-based tool, based on a recommendation from The Guide to Community Preventive Services (Community Guide), that walks public health practitioners through the steps to build support for and establish a community smoke-free ordinance.

Investing in a Tobacco Free Future
How it Benefits your Bottom Line and Community

This publication gives insight to how a business or community can benefit from going tobacco free by improving productivity and profit while reducing health care costs.