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Tobacco Control
Tobacco use causes more disease and death in the U.S. than any other modifiable risk factor. One in five adult Americans smokes or uses some form of tobacco. This causes or complicates many of the Nation’s most common and costly chronic diseases (e.g., cancer, heart and lung disease, stroke, asthma) and results in the deaths of over 400,000 people every year. 
ActionToQuit is a tobacco control initiative sponsored by Partnership for Prevention. It urges all sectors - health care systems, employers, insurers, government agencies, quitlines, and policymakers - to work together to develop and promote sound tobacco control policies.
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The ActionToQuit initiative continues to keep leaders in tobacco control informed and help advance policies that ensure all Americans have access to comprehensive tobacco cessation treatments through:
  1. The Network -- Maintaining the A2Q Network, an affiliation of some 1000 tobacco cessation advocates interested in policy and system change.
  2. Engaging Employers -- Supporting  workplace tobacco control efforts, including tobacco free policies and tobacco use treatment support, to improve employee health.
  3. Hospital Tobacco Control -- Advocating that all hospitals and health systems in the USA contribute to the public’s health by making tobacco cessation a priority.
Webinars and Podcasts       
Partnership for Prevention hosted a series of  Webinars and Podcasts featuring leading experts, who discussed topics such as implementing tobacco control policies in hospitals and workplaces.
Interviews and Blogs
Partnership for Prevention conducts Interviews with professionals involved in tobacco control and also writes Blogs.
Policies and Publications
  • Increasing Access to Tobacco Cessation in States: ActionToQuit Case Studies (June 2011) - Partnership for Prevention (PFP) funded six state tobacco cessation alliances to engage in capacity-building for enhanced tobacco cessation services: Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New England, New York and Virginia. This guide outlines the evaluation, challenges, and lessons learned from the tobacco control efforts in these states.
For more policies and publications, visit the ActionToQuit Resources page.