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Investing in Health Workplace Guide
Partnership for Prevention® developed Investing in Health: Proven Health Promotion Practices for Workplaces to provide employers with guidance that can improve employee health by controlling tobacco use, promoting cancer screening and early detection, and encouraging physical activity and healthy eating. 

More specifically, guidance is provided on how to: 
  • Implement tobacco-free policies 
  • Offer proven tobacco-use treatment benefits through your health plan 
  • Improve access to telephone quitlines for tobacco users 
  • Encourage employees to get screened for cancer 
  • Work with your health plan to increase cancer screening rates 
  • Increase physical activity through social support and the workplace environment 
  • Improve nutrition through social support and the workplace environment 

Investing in Health translates evidence-based recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the Task Force on Community Preventive Services into easy-to-follow action steps that will enhance employee productivity, help employers manage healthcare spending, and improve employee morale. 

Web links to additional resources and tools are provided to assist with planning and implementing healthier workplace practices. 

Electronic links found in Investing in Health:

Page 2: Information on Purchasing Health Insurance


State consumer guides on how to access health insurance 
(Georgetown University Health Policy Institute): 

Your state’s department of insurance 
(National Association of Insurance Commissioners): 

Page 2: Getting Started 

Comprehensive employee health programs: 

Leading by Example (Partnership for Prevention): 

Healthier Worksite Initiative (CDC): 

Page 5: Implement Tobacco-Free Policies 

Model policy language (CDC): 

Going smoke-free workplace toolkit (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids):

Page 6: Offer Proven Tobacco-Use Treatment Benefits Through Your Health Plan 

Model benefit language 

Model benefit language (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids):

National Business Group on Health (pp. 415-425):

Page 8: Improve Access to Telephone Quitlines for Tobacco Users


Toolkit on developing, implementing, and evaluating quitlines (CDC):

Information on available state quitline resources 
(North American Quitline Consortium): 

Page 8: Community Resources for Tobacco Control 

Finding quitline resources in your state 
(North American Quitline Consortium): 

Locating quit smoking classes 
(American Cancer Society Chapter): 

Finding information on smoking cessation support 
(American Lung Association chapter): 

Page 10: Community Resources for Cancer Screening and Early Detection 

Locating nearby screening and early detection services 
(American Cancer Society Chapter): 

On-line, Live Help support 
(National Cancer Institute): 

Page 12: Finding Accurate Information about Cancer Screening 

National Cancer Institute: 
American Cancer Society: 

Page 12: Information to Share With Employees 

Background information on cancer 
(National Cancer Institute): 

Screening and early detection guidelines 
(American Cancer Society): 
Colorectal cancer screening 
(American Cancer Society): 

Cervical cancer screening 
(National Cancer Institute): 

Breast cancer screening 
(National Cancer Institute): 

Health reminder assistant 
(American Cancer Society): 
Sample reminder letter from employers to employees 
(National Business Group on Health): 

Health awareness months 
(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services): 

Personalized on-line health check (American Cancer Society): 

Page 13: Work With Your Health Plan to Increase Cancer Screening Rates 

Model benefit language for cancer screening services 
(National Business Group on Health: pages 131-150): 

Page 13: If an Employee is Diagnosed with Cancer 

Resources for diagnosis and treatment: 

National Cancer Institute: 

American Cancer Society: 

Page 15: Physical Activity and Nutrition 

Physical inactivity cost calculator (CDC): 

Page 16: Investing in Physical Activity and Healthy Eating 

Sample USDA Food Guide 
(National Heart Lung and Blood Institute): 

Page 16: Physical activity and nutrition information to share with employees (table) 

Background information on nutrition 

Nutrition fact sheets 
(American Dietetic Association): 

USDA Dietary Guidelines 
(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services): 

Background information on physical activity 

Tips to Help You Get Active 
(National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases):

What Is Physical Activity? 
(United States Department of Agriculture): 

Updated Physical Activity Guidelines 
(American College of Sports Medicine): 

Healthy eating tools 

A Healthier You Recipes 
(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services): 

Meal Planning and Shopping Tips 
(Produce for Better Health Foundation):

Physical activity tools 

Physical Activity for Everyone (CDC): 

Physical Activity in Your Daily Life
(American Heart Association):

Healthy weight information 

BMI Calculator 
(National Heart Lung and Blood Institute): 

Choosing a Weight Loss Program 
(National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases):

Page 17: How to Support Employees Who Want to Lose Weight 

Recommended coverage for overweight/obese individuals 
(National Business Group on Health): 

Page 18: Increase Physical Activity Through Social Support and the Workplace Environment 

Motivational physical activity signs (CDC): 

Yoga and stretching desk videos 
(Alberta Centre for Active Living): 

Page 19: Improve Nutrition Through Social Support and the Workplace Environment 

Search for registered dietician offering nutrition workshops 
(American Dietetic Association): 

Healthy recipes for healthy potlucks 
(Produce for Better Health Foundation): 

Guidelines for healthy meetings 
(New York State Department of Health): 

A toolkit for implementing a workplace garden market (CDC): 

Page 20: Resources 

Workforce Health Resources
Provides assessment for workplaces on health promotion activities 

Healthy Workforce 2010
Aids employers in implementing health promotion practices 

Healthier Worksite Initiative
Provides toolkits, policy information, and access to other worksite toolkits on nutrition and physical activity 

Leading by Example
Provides the business case for investing in health 

Purchaser’s Guide to Clinical Preventive Services: Moving Science into Coverage
Model benefit information for health plan coverage 

Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA)
Offers free reports, information, and tools on employee health for businesses of all sizes 

Tobacco Control and Cessation Resources
A Practical Guide to Working with Health-Care Systems on Tobacco-Use Treatment
A guide that includes information for purchasers on how to work with healthcare systems when purchasing benefits
Employee Needs Assessment: Smoking Cessation in the Workplace
A sample needs assessment to help you determine what tobacco-use treatment services your employees may prefer 

Employers’ Smoking Cessation Guide: Practical Approaches to a Costly Workplace Problem
Offers information on the “whys” and “how-tos” of implementing tobacco cessation programs 

Healthcare Provider Reminder Systems, Provider Education, and Patient Education: Working with Healthcare Delivery Systems to Improve the Delivery of Tobacco-Use Treatment to Patients—An Action Guide
Guides public health professionals on how to improve the delivery of tobacco-use treatment in healthcare systems 

Making the Business Case for Smoking Cessation
Calculate your company’s return on investment (ROI) for investing in tobacco control services from one to five years
Spit Tobacco: A Guide for Quitting
Educational brochure for employees on how to quit chewing tobacco 

The National Partnership for Smoke-Free Families 
National program to help pregnant smokers quit 

Tobacco Cessation Counseling
Connect with trained tobacco cessation counselors 

Benefit design:
Covering Smoking Cessation as a Health Benefit: A Case for Employers
Highlights the cost advantages of employer-sponsored smoking cessation benefits 

Make it Your Business: Insure a Tobacco-Free Workplace, Employer’s Toolkit
How to provide appropriate tobacco-use treatment support to motivate and sustain quit rates
American Cancer Society Quitline
Telephone-based support and education (Can also call 1-877-YES-QUIT) 

Free & Clear
Offers evidence-based tobacco-use treatment services, including quitlines 

Linking a Network: Integrating Quitlines with Health Care Systems
An integrative approach to linking quitline services with healthcare networks 

Mayo Clinic Tobacco Quitline
Provides evidence-based, physician-supervised tobacco-use treatment services, including quitline support 

National Jewish Medical & Research Center Quitline
Directs individuals to tobacco-use treatment resources (including quitlines) for multiple types of tobacco use 

North American Quitline Consortium
Provides contact information for all state quitlines, fact sheets and other information 

Telephone Quitlines: A Resource for Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
A resource on developing your own quitline 

Tobacco-free policies:
A Legal Review on Tobacco-Free Policies
A brochure to understand how to adopt an appropriate and lawful policy for your workplace 

Going Smokefree in Your Workplace
Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights provides information and tools to help you in your effort to pass a tobacco-free policy 

Making Your Workplace Smokefree
Provides information on planning and implementation of tobacco-free policies in the workplace 

Save Lives, Save Money: Make Your Business Smoke-Free
Provides implementation guidance on workplace tobacco-free polices and provides the business value for investing in them 

Secondhand Smoke Fact Sheet
Questions and answers about secondhand smoke from the National Cancer Institute 

Toolkit for Implementing Smoke-Free Laws: Business Outreach
Resources and materials to help your workplace go smoke-free 

Cancer Screening and Early Detection Resources
American Cancer Society
Comprehensive information on cancer screening, early detection, and treatment 

Cancer in the Workplace: Prevention, Detection and Support: Report of a Consultation with Business and Health Leaders
A summary report discussing cancer-related issues at the workplace
Cancer Screening: Payer Cost/Benefit thru Employee Benefits Programs
Presents the estimated costs and benefits of screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers
C-Change Making the Business Case Materials
Presents a business case for cancer prevention and early detection, including position paper, fact sheets, and additional resources 

Great American Health Check Employer Tool Kit
Tool kit for employers on cancer screening and early detection 

National Cancer Institute
Information on cancer screening, treatment options, research, and survivorship 

Tools and Strategies to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates
Worksite intervention begins on page 126 of the document 

Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Resources
Aim for a Healthy Weight
Offers an interactive menu planner, portion control information, and BMI calculator
Diabetes at Work
Checklist for controlling weight in the workplace 

Healthy Weight, Healthy Lifestyles
Toolkits, best practices, and articles from the National Business Group on Health 

Meeting Well
Guidelines for how to have a healthy meeting 

StairWELL to Better Health Program
Ideas on worksite stairwell interventions 

Network for a Healthy California Worksite Program
Provides a fit business kit and a plan to take action at your workplace 

Weight Control Information Network (WIN)
Nutrition, physical activity, and weight control publications, statistics, and information